The Puppy Play Pride Symbol

Puppy Play Pride Symbol

Download Free Puppy Play Pride Art Kit (5.2 MB)

Welcome International Puppies and Trainers Attendees

9/28/2008 - Miss Marie and I had a blast at iPup this year. It was great to see past friends and make new ones as well! I hope you'll write to us and stay in touch.

In the mean time, here's a direct link to the negotiation form we talked about in class.

*happy barks*

About the Puppy Play Pride Symbol

The Puppy Play Pride Symbol was created by Mae Puppy (Miss Marie) and scamp puppy (spacey) because we wanted to find a better way to show our pride for the puppy play community, to celebrate puppies, and to celebrate the owner-puppy relationship. We feel this symbol speaks to us in all of these important ways and we humbly submit it to the greater puppy play community in hopes that it will speak to you too.

We choose to offer this symbol of pride to the puppy play community freely with hopes that people will find many creative ways of sharing and celebrating the joys of puppy play and the puppy training. It is intended to be pansexual and we hope that it will be accepted by the many diverse puppies and trainers that can be found in our lifestyle.

We are releasing this symbol into the public domain for everyone to use in a wide variety of ways. You can use it to create pride pins, patches, flags, or any thing you can come up with. We hope you'll use it to share your pride.

Please share with us and others, the joy and creativity we have found in creating this symbol of pride by sharing ways that you may use this symbol. We hope to develop this web site with links to various puppy pride projects. To facilitate the creative process, we also have a free art kit available (5.2 MB) for people to play with.

A Little Bit about Symbolism:

The outer part of the symbol forms an oblong ring that recalls a dog collar. The collar is black and gray like the color of the hanky code flags for SM and bondage. The circular aspect of the color is meant to represent the circle of the puppy play community that binds us together.

Inside is a white dog bone. The bone, of course, represents the unique nature of puppy play. It's white to symbolize the innocence and purity of the puppy head space.

Finally at the bottom of the symbol is a red heart that dangles from the collar like a dog tag. The heart represents the love and bond between puppies and their trainers. The heart is at an angle to recall the heart from the BDSM Pride Flag and what we have learned from that community.

Other Puppy Play Stuff:

We've been working on some other stuff related to puppy play. The latest is our first draft of a Puppy Play Negotiation form. Please go take a look and give use your ideas and feedback. Thanks!

We've also organized a munch for animal role players of all type in Atlanta, GA. It's called the Atlanta BDSMpets Munch.

Contact Us:

You can reach us by e-mail at the following addresses:
(Please direct any technical questions to scamp puppy.)

*happy barks*
Mae Puppy and scamp puppy (a.k.a. Marie and spacey)