Puppy Play Negotiation Form


About the Puppy Play Negotiation Form

You are looking at the first draft of the Puppy Play Negotiation Form. The hope is that this form can be used as a tool by all puppies and trainers to aid in communicating desires and expectations. Because this is intended to help all puppy players, we're really like your feedback. Please look and use this form. Then write to us and tell us what else we need to include, what should be presented differently, and anything else we could do to make this a better tool for you.

You can reach us at MaePuppy@PuppyPlayPride.com and scamp@PuppyPlayPride.com. Thanks in advance for your feedback. If you have compliments, we like those too. :)

How to use the Puppy Play Negotiation Form

We all have our one ideas about what makes a really great puppy play scene or lifestyle. The problem is we often have trouble communicating our desires and expectations to the people we play with. To help, think of your ideal puppy play scene. Then print this form. Finally fill it out based on that scene and share the results with your play partner. The form is intended to be completed by the person playing the puppy role, but it may also be helpful for a trainer to fill it out with his/her own desires and expectations.

It's ok, too, if you have multiple ideal scenes. Just complete an additional form for each.


What do you want to be called as a pup?
What nicknames are OK?

Pup Personality

Pup Age:

Training Level:

Are you:

Partner Role


Will you take on a puppy headspace?

Do you need a cue to enter puppy space? If so, describe. (e.g. Using your puppy name, tossing a ball.)

Do you need to be “forced” into being a puppy? If so, under what circumstances? (Physical, mind control, etc.)

Do you need anything special care to be brought out of puppy space and/or after being brought out of puppy space? If so, describe. (e.g. What forms of aftercare do you need?)

When in puppy space do you require:


What types of discipline and/or humiliation are NOT ok?

Can your partner ask you to try new things while you are in the puppy role? What can and can't they ask?

Gender Identification

This varies so much from person to person, that it might be helpful to write your expectations here. Would you like to be treated as a boy pup or a girl pup? What does this mean to you?


What breed are you?

Pup Speech

As a pup will you:


What kind of gear will you wear? Make a note next to items to indicate that you own it or it needs to be provided for you.



Knee Pads:

Tail End:





Toys and Props


Sex Toys:

Puppy Toys:




What commands will you understand / obey?




Fetch / Play Commands:

Guard Dog \ Special Commands:



How will your toileting needs be handled as a pup?

How should toileting be handled differently for urination as opposed to defecation? (e.g. Urinate outside but break scene to defecate in a toilet.)


Safeword or gesture for stop:

Safeword or gesture for slow down:


Obviously we did not create the concept of a negotiation form. We were inspired, in part, by all the more general negotiation forms we've seen in the BDSM world. In these, puppy play is usually a single line item. There are dozens of such forms, so we can't give credit to any particular one.

The idea for a more specific form has it's roots in the area of age play. In particular we were inspired by the work of Little Girl Lost and her age play negotiation form, which can be found here. Her main web site also has many excellent works on the subjects of role play in general and age play in particular.

Finally, we wish to give you credit too. When you submit feedback that we include in the Puppy Play Negotiation Form, we'll give you credit and show our thanks right here.

Thanks to Juliana Shines of the Atlanta Leather Puppies and Ponies Yahoo Group. She suggested adding information about needing a cue to enter pup space.

Thanks to Mako Allen of The Ghidrah for the suggestion to add a section for toileting.

Thanks to yofie of Human Fauna for the suggestion to add whether or not a pup can be asked to try new things to the psycology section.

Thanks to Mater Roy of the PupOut Yahoo Group for the suggestion to add a what is needed when coming out of puppy space.


Skyler of Human Fauna has done a good job of creating a negotiation form for kitty play based on this form.

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